Honeycomb Blinds




Honeycomb Blinds offer an easy yet versatile way to make any home graceful and energy efficient. Our range of Turnils Honeycomb shades have a cellular design that creates pockets of stationary air that act as insulators. This helps with energy savings by keeping rooms warmer in winter and cooler in summer. The new Honeycomb collection by Turnils includes a beautiful new range of translucent, blackout and semi-sheer fabrics in a variety of delicate colours.

Design Option Available –

Day-Night Blind

Two fabrics on the one shade offers light and privacy when required during the day with a translucent blind, and privacy when needed at night from the blackout blind. When an unobstructed view is wanted, the complete blind stacks neatly away.

Top-down / Bottom Up Blind

Allows the blind to be raised from the bottom, and lowered from the top, providing useful extra privacy where needed, but still allowing extra light into
the room from above.

Two-on-one Headrail

For a larger window, patio door or those awkward window and door combinations, two separate blinds can be mounted on one head rail, with each blind lowering and rising independently while maintaining a clean uncluttered appearance.

Angled and Stationary Arch

Honeycomb shades are available in specialty shapes for arched and angled windows.