Vertical Blinds




With an affordable price tag and an ease of functionality and maintenance. Vertical Blinds are a great alternative to a traditional Curtains as they offer similar light excluding ability, while offering the extra benefit of tilting to filter natural light into your room while excluding glare. In this way they combine functionality and style to provide excellent sun control for the full length of your window.

Vertical Blinds are ideal within a commercial setting or residential development. Privacy and light are easily controlled with chain or wand options to rotate vanes up to 180° when closed, and rapidly open to stack neatly allowing for maximum viewing capacity. House of Allure custom make Vertical Blinds to meet customers’ functional and decorative needs.

With slat sizes of either 90mm, 100mm or 127mm, various chain and weight alternatives, and centre opening, centre bunch and left or right hand bunch options, as well as a broad range of traditional and designer fabrics to complement the clean, linear style and match the decor of any room.

All of our custom made Vertical Blinds come in easy to care fabrics which can be matched with those of our roller blinds, so you can produce a uniform look within the home or office.