Interior Design Packages

From large-scale renovations and new builds, to single room makeovers, we work with our clients on all aspects of the design process, often collaborating with architects and builders, to create a functional and beautiful space with furniture, fabrics, and art that skilfully reflect your personal taste and style. Every project has its own unique story, let us help you create yours.


Below you'll find some predesigned packages to cover some of our most popular requests. If you would like more information on these packages or any of the many other packages available including customised packages for your exact needs please feel free to contact us.


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Initial Consultation

The initial design consultation is where the design process begins. It is the first step to achieving a professionally designed space you will love for years to come! This consultation is designed around information and direction, assisting us in determining the scope of work. In the initial visit, Lisa can help you prioritise your projects, and advise you on where to allocate your budget to maximize results.


A thorough accounting of your lifestyle needs and wishlist will help us customise a unique design to fit you and your family! It will involve us discussing in depth the project outline, budget and desired outcome. Once complete you will be left with the foundation to create a positive and personal interior customised to your taste. This one hour to one and a half consultation can be used to kick start a project and provide you with immediate design advice such as -

>>>> Colour suggestions throughout the home for walls including feature walls.

>>>> Spatial design of furniture and decor - to maximise the potential of any room.

>>>> Flooring recommendations including carpet, tiles, timber flooring or alternatives such as laminate or vinyl plank flooring, polished concrete, etc.

>>>> Window treatment recommendations - blinds, curtains or shutters.

>>>> Lighting recommendations to either brighten up an entire room or a specific focal point with feature lighting.

>>>> Decorative accessories such as artwork, rugs, cushions and homewares can be recommended to assist in elevating the existing space.


This consultation sets an excellent foundation to create a positive and personalised interior designed around your personality and taste. We encourage you to do a little homework prior to the meeting, have your list of questions ready, and tear out some magazine photos that inspire you, this information will provide us with great clues into your needs and desires. If you wish to expand on this information please see below for additional packages available.

Full Service Interior Design

This package is a designed for those who are starting from scratch! Our Full Service Interior Design includes everything from conceptualising the physical dimensions of a space, to envisioning its decorative interior, including specifying all materials and furniture placements. We will personally manage your full-service design project from plans to finishing touches. We make sure nothing is left to chance. We understand your project is not just a financial investment, but an emotional investment as well. So we make sure we understand your brief, we collaborate closely, and we document all plans carefully. We present to you a complete visual package which includes these services:

>>>> Moodboard, elevations, 3D renderings and space planning drawings.

>>>> Complete furnishing and decoration of a new or existing home.

>>>> Custom furnishings and upholstery.

>>>> Lighting selections and installation.

>>>> Custom joinery design for baths, kitchens, laundry, study, and wardrobes.

>>>> Wallcovering.

>>>> Window treatments.

>>>> Floor coverings.

>>>> All tiles and hard surfaces.

>>>> Art and decorative accessories.

>>>> Styling and finessing.  

Interior Styling & Decoration

The Interior Styling & Decoration package is for those who have either an empty or drab shell of a room/s, but not sure how to add the final polish and bring the rooms together. If you are overwhelmed by all the possibilities out there and don't know where to start, this is the package for you. House of Allure Interiors & Design can work with you to inject personality and style through editing your existing pieces as well as combining some of the following thoughtful additions to help elevate a room.

>>>> Rugs

>>>> Cushions

>>>> Furniture

>>>> Decorative Accessories

>>>> Artwork

>>>> Window Treatments

>>>> Lighting

>>>> Floral Arrangements

>>>> New Paint or Wallpaper

>>>> Clever Storage Solutions

We understand that it's these additional layers that make a space sing. We artfully manipulate and layer colour, pattern, texture, form, scale, and light to create a truly unique space which is inspired and sophisticated, all the while delivering rooms that will harmoniously balance and reflect your personal taste and style. We source from an infinite pool of resources ensuring your spaces look collected and well curated. Some of these pieces are only exclusively available for the trade.

Pre Build Selections

This Pre Start Selection package is a favourite amongst new home buyers! This package is designed to take the stress out of the build process, providing you with the right design advice to present to your builder and enable a smooth and enjoyable pre start meeting.

Once you have received your pre start information package from your builder we will meet to discuss all aspects available to you.

We are able to work through each room independently while ensuring the perfect flow throughout the home.

We will discuss the choices your builder offers which usually includes the following selections;

>>>> Exterior Finishes

>>>> Windows & Doors

>>>> Plumbing Fixtures

>>>> Electrical Fixtures

>>>> Appliances

>>>> Cabinetry & Robes

>>>> Benchtops

>>>> Flooring

>>>> Door & Cabinetry Hardware

>>>> Paint Colours

>>>> Fireplace

>>>> Bathroom & Miscellaneous Accessories

We'll complete a detail selection schedule for you to hand over to your builder to quote and execute the build.

*Most selections can be made using the pre start information package provided by your builder, some selections may require a visit to a selections centre (in particular kitchen and bathroom selections), should this be required a $99 fee will be charged per selection centre visit.

Window Treatment Design

Your Window Treatments should be an important consideration to complete any interior design scheme and should never be overlooked. This package helps you navigate the multitude of factors to consider when choosing the right window coverings, we understand that the choices can be very overwhelming, especially for someone who’s not well-versed with design. Just because window treatments are practical solutions doesn't mean they can't fit into your home's overall design aesthetics.


Each type of window treatment has its own unique style, as well as its own features and benefits. House of Allure Interiors & Design is here to help you find the right window treatments for you and your home. We offer a complete custom made solution that ticks all the boxes. We'll expertly design, measure, quote and install your beautiful, new window treatments. We take the frustration out of the process, helping you every step of the way. Here are the types of window treatments we can advise you on.

>>>> Roller Blinds

>>>> Roman Blinds

>>>> Plantation Shutters

>>>> Panel Glides

>>>> Vertical Blinds

>>>> Honeycomb Blinds

>>>> Venetian Blinds

>>>> Vision Blinds

>>>> Curtains & Top Treatments

>>>> External Awnings & Blinds

>>>> Motorisation & Home Automation

Art Selections

The right artwork can complete the room, pull all the other elements together and take it from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Art has a power to transform your home into a space that is completely personalised, make a statement and create a focal point. Art can be a soul of your home. Art is also a way of freshening and updating your décor without any major redecorating.


We work with you to select art pieces that will resonate with you and reflect your taste and personality. We'll make sure the artwork pieces are going to compliment your décor and make it feel complete. We'll help you to select the artwork that is the right size and orientation, and assist with hanging it at the correct height. We ensure that the selected pieces will not only enhance your interiors but also bring you joy for many years to come. In essence, this package was designed to achieve the following-

>>>> Curate art collections to suit any space, taste & budget.

>>>> Engage our network of galleries & independent artists to commission an original piece just for you.

>>>> Select complementing frames and matting - this detail can make or break an art piece.

>>>> Organise the hanging and placement of art.

Airbnb Interior Styling

Our Airbnb Interior Styling service means we can fully equip your property from top to bottom, we’ll inject personality and warmth by styling with furniture and soft furnishings to really maximise its appeal to potential Airbnb guests. We'll work to create a wonderful haven away from home for your guests which they can truly enjoy and rave about.


We've found that a well styled property is key to increasing occupancy rates, guest ratings and the amount you can charge per night. This is because both Airbnb guests are buying into a lifestyle, so it’s really important they can envisage themselves living in the property. Bare or uninspiring properties often struggle to get Airbnb bookings which is why not investing in styling a property can be such a deal breaker.


The process of setting up your Airbnb doesn’t have to be daunting, discover how we can help make the process hassle-free and put more money in your pocket.


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Never worked with a designer before? See below some of the ways we provide value to our clients!

A great option for busy the persons.

Even if you think you could do an awesome job of decorating your own home, you might lack the time to do it efficiently. In this case, a professional is able to step in and take care of everything from soup to nuts. The job will be completed quicker and you’ll be less stressed for it, enabling you to simply enjoy your beautifully designed spaces.

A third party remedies conflicts.

Most of the times you’ll find out that you and your life partner or the rest of the family members have differing opinions on how the house should look like. In such cases it’s best to let a professional make the important decisions. A designer learns about each individual's style preferences and expertly blends it into an interior design scheme which successfully reflects the style of the home's inhabitants.

Combining styles is a piece of cake.

One of the most difficult things you have to do when decorating a space is finding a way to make items work together. If you have pieces you have bought over the years or have had to merge your belongings once you've moved in with your life partner, but they frankly don’t match in terms of styles, then it will be difficult for an untrained eye to remedy the problem. An interior designer, however, faces this challenge every day and has lots of tricks up their sleeve to bring cohesion to a room.

Designers know how to get you quality for your money.

There are so many different options out there and when you’re not used to doing this every day it’s very difficult to know where to look for quality. A professional will be able to help you figure out how to get the best items for the money you have.

You’ll save money.

Even though it may seem strange, working with a professional interior designer will allow you to save money. It’s true that you’ll have to pay a fee, but you’ll also get to work with someone that can prevent you from making costly mistakes and who can even get you trade discounts only available through a designer.

Custom-designed everything.

A professional interior designer also has the ability to create a lot of bespoke pieces, in case you’ve found a piece you love but you can’t buy it off the shelf, or if the regular furniture pieces don’t fit properly in your home, or you simply just like the idea of having something that is uniquely yours, they are able to custom design everything from fabric through to furniture pieces. Their list of highly skilled craftspeople allows for them to work directly with the artisans to create one of a kind pieces for your projects.

A one-of-a-kind décor.

When you decide to decorate the house by yourself you’ll most likely seek inspiration from magazines and you’ll buy furniture and accessories from the big box stores. But if you hired a designer they’ll be able to make your home a one-of-a-kind space with custom features and unique details that feel collected. They're masters at capturing the subjective feeling and weaving this into an interior design scheme, so your home will not only look good but feel good as well.

Qualified trades people.

With multiple projects already under their belts, an experienced designer brings along with them their "A Team", which is a list of trades who they have already worked with on their past projects. A vetting process of sorts, these trades people come pre qualified before they even start on your project. A designer is able to make recommendations using their trusted trades, saving you time and headaches when considering the possibility of connecting with the wrong trades peoples.

Trade only resources.

Certain things are only available to designers and not to the general public. Professionals have connections and they can obtain resources and merchandise that you can not. Designers refer to this as their Little Black Book, so you’ll have access to all these things as well as expert guidance from the designer. 

They have a trained eye.

There is an art and a science when it comes to design. Interior designers are trained to see what is wrong or right in a space. They will be able to instinctively know what a space requires to make it complete.  And of course inject the all important wow factor to any room!


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